At MooVooZ, we aren’t just trying to change the way people move, but change the way they experience one of the most common and stressful life events on the planet. Our process is straightforward, and our methods are tried and true. To be a part of the MooVooZ team entails a dedication to building strong relationships with clients as well as affiliates, and making sure that everyone’s moving experience is as exciting and secure as it should be. Find out more about why you would be a good fit with the MooVooZ team!!


Joining MooVooZ gives you the tools to be a part of our ever expanding big-picture. Each member is a piece of the puzzle that enables us to give customers the moving experience and service they deserve.


No matter the position, we are all crucial to our success and changing the moving industry! Replace moving horror stories with great life experiences, and change the hassle and stress people have come to expect from the moving process! Together we make moving fun!


Enjoy the excitement of working in a business environment! Expand your horizons and get behind a job that is both fulfilling and fun! We foster an internationally diverse and personal working environment, kicking the mundane corporate archetype to the curb. Every day is exciting and different at MooVooZ!


Our business model satisfies a customer demand niche in a multi-billion dollar per year industry, and we do it with style. Our growth and expansion has experienced leaps and bounds since our launch, and we are continuously evolving and developing with each day. Become a part of our meteoric rise and make a career out of something you can really get behind!


Much of the problems people experience with moving have to do with misunderstandings with sales representatives, or negligence by movers, all of whom work for the same company. Our movers are under contract to respect our clients belongings and prices, and we provide clients with the tools to control every aspect of their move themselves. Digitizing the moving process and bringing it into the future is what we do, but making customers happy is why we do it!


At MooVooZ, we give you plenty of potential for moving up the ranks and growing with us as a family. United under the brand, our expansion means your expansion, and the more we expand the more space opens up underneath you! Hold the keys to your own success with MooVooZ, and be happy to go to work for once!

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At MooVooZ, we are constantly expanding and with this expansion comes the need to fill new positions within the company. We are always on the lookout for hard-working, dedicated, and dynamic individuals to help us with our growth and help foster that growth even more. Take a look at the open positions below, and continue checking back as they are updated almost weekly!

Please feel free to fill out the form below for any of our positions to the left, and one of our dedicated career recruiters will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Once emailed, you may respond with your resume and credentials as requested!

Account Manager

Operates as primary point of contact for customer and client matters. Maintains long-lasting customer and mover relationships


A MooVoooZ Account Manager will ensure the long term success of our team by maintaining and expanding long-term relationships with our trusted movers and clients. The Account Manager will have the relationship role of trusted advisor and service provider with our clients as well as other members of our team, and ensure timely solutions and responses based on the needs of customers as well as clients.

Content Tactician

Has a passion for language and information, and making these attractive and simple for others. Great at delivering feedback that makes work and the company better


A MooVooZ Content Technician will grow and manage our ever growing database of customer resources and company content. Working closely with our marketing team, it is the CT’s job to help us produce content that resonates with and appeals to our audience. Helping with both data and design, the CT is responsible for helping to power our phases of brand growth.

Data Analyst

Is very detailed oriented, looks at the fine print and is good with numbers. Is a clear communicator and advocate for the customer.


A MooVooZ Data Analyst will receive the essentials of each move which have been outlined online in an inventory by the customer, and ensure that the comprehensive guaranteed rates for each move received are accurate. This will ensure that there is no problem of miscommunication between us and the customer, as well as between us and the movers. 

Customer Service Representative

Has great people skills, very good communicator and dispute settler. Knows the ins-and-outs of the contract and can handle problems and multi-task well. 


A MooVooZ Customer Service Representative will ensure that there are no qualms held with our service by our customers. The Customer Service Representative will also ensure that our clients and trusted movers have no problems with their contracts, and will handle all disputes involving such issues should they arise. 

Sales Associate

Answers inbound calls and cold calls leads. Utilizes our video chat software with customers on the website and ensures that customers understand how the system works to get their service.


A MooVooZ Sales Associate will act as a personal move guide and advocate for all MooVooZ customers. The Sales Associate is charged with growing our customer base, and ensuring customer loyalty for references. Regular interaction with customers as well as businesses interested in our services is a requirement. 

Procedure Assistant

Oversees the moving process once it has been booked, ensures MooVooZ delivery of service based on interpretation of critical information and move details.


A MooVooZ Procedure Assistant will interface with our trusted movers in order to book and properly schedule and confirm a move. They communicate integral details on a fixed schedule with both customers and moving company coordinators, as well as help to educate new employees about our policies and procedures. The PA will also evaluate changes to move procedures with customers or movers as necessary.