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How does your 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

As long as the items you inputted on our website are accurate with what the movers will move on moving day, then the price will not change. Your original booked price will stay the same even if there is rain, snow, traffic or any other obstacle during delivery. You can update your inventory after you book on our website, we make sure to update those changes with the mover.

What are your moving terms? Cancellation policy and such?

All our terms are mentioned in Moving Terms.

How accurate should I be when inputting details?

We ask that you be as accurate as possible. We understand that sometimes items are missed, or forgotten. That is why you may easily update your order until the day of the move. When inventory list is updated the priced quote will change accordingly. This applies to stairs and walking distance as well. Don’t worry about counting stairs though; our booking system lets you choose ranges rather than specific numbers.

When will the mover come to move my stuff?

The mover will come to your indicated address at the time and date specified by you.

How long does a move take?

This depends on your move. Each move is different and time depends on the distance and the volume of the move. If you have any time restraints, it’s best to contact your mover ahead of time.

I don’t see an item in the moving list. What do I do?

Have you checked the search bar? If you did and still can’t find it, don’t worry. Just click on the custom item link and add the measurements or the maximum size of the item.

Can I cancel my move?

You can cancel any move up to 72 hours before the start time free of charge. To cancel, simply click on the Cancel Move link in the confirmation email.

Are all your movers licensed and insured?

Yes. All of our movers are 100% fully insured.

When do I pay for my move?

For all moves, we make an authorization for the move amount. We usually charge 72hrs before the move. Hourly based moves will be charged directly by the mover after the move. On moving day you will pay the remaining cost of the move directly to the moving company or to MooVooZ (by logging into your account).

What if there is a problem with the move?

All our trusted Movers are on your side. Always try and discuss the issue with your mover before contacting us. The movers will do their best to help you resolve the issue. You can also edit your order through our system at any time. In the unlikely case that you are unable to find a solution, our trained customer service agents are standing by to help you.

What happens if my things break during the move?

All moves come with a basic insurance of 60 cents per pound. This is the standard insurance that every moving company must provide by law. Please remember that this is not a lot. If a mover breaks a 100 pound piece of furniture, you will only be reimbursed $60. You may purchase additional insurance once your items have been selected.

Are boxes included in my move?

When you add boxes to your inventory list you have an option to request a packing service for the boxes by the movers. With that option selected, boxes will be provided by the mover and packed by the mover. If that option is not selected, you must provided your own boxes.

What are community movers?

Community movers are movers that are added by community users to MooVooZ. For those movers, the pricing is just an estimate based on users and public data. These movers do not offer instant booking, they have 24 hours to confirm, decline, or counter-offer.

How do you calculate movers pricing?

Verified/Trusterd Movers (shown where available)

Pricing for instant movers is entered by the movers themselves. Pricing is based on many factors such as distance, day of the week, availability, and other relevant factors. These instant movers provide guaranteed fixed price quotes.

Community Movers (shown where available)

It’s community work. We crawl the internet to search for any data related to a mover, such as reviews, and try to learn pricing based on users’ input. Our more sophisticated technology is actually calling movers once in a while, and just asking for quotes.

You can Help!

Got a different price from a mover? Let us know and earn points towards your move. More points = More Discounts! Just update the price in the form below.

Bidding with Movers (shown where available)

Pricing for Bidding process is entered by the movers themselves. these quotes are offers thous movers gave to your specific move/truck . These quotes are  guaranteed fixed price quotes.

How Do I Pay?

Once you book a mover we only make an authorization for the move amount. Charge will be made 72hrs before the move. Hourly based moves will be charged directly by the mover after the move. On moving day you will pay the remaining cost (if there is any) of the move directly to the moving company.

*Some movers require payment upon loading (before they finish unloading), and some may collect at the end of the job. Laws vary by state and county – we recommend you please check with your mover, or read our moving guide.

Will I be charged if my move request isn’t accepted by the mover?

No. If your move request isn’t accepted by the mover, or expires without a response, you will not be charged for the reservation at all.

What is payment authorization
When you submit your payment information for a move, we’ll place an authorization on your payment method for the total or minimal amount of the move (depending if it’s fixed rate or hourly based, See “Moving Terms” for more information). An authorization is a pending charge or hold on a payment, to ensure there’s enough money to cover the full cost of the reservation.
If a move is cancelled 72hrs before the move (or more) no charge is made!


Here’s how an authorization works:
  • An authorization will usually appear in the pending section of your credit card or payment account
  • If your reservation is accepted, the authorization will turn into a real charge and the amount will be deducted from your payment account
  • If your reservation is declined or expires, we’ll automatically release the authorization and you won’t be charged
  • Depending on the processing time of your bank, the authorization release may take up to 7 business days
  • An authorization release will either appear as refund on your credit card or payment account, or alternatively, the original authorization may disappear from your account entirely
I have too much stuff, this is too complicated

We’ve got you covered, download our Android app and just start snapping pictures of your items, or take a picture of the whole room. Once your items are uploaded through the app you’ll receive a list of moving companies and prices that you can compare and book instantly.

Is the pricing guaranteed?

Once your move is confirmed by the mover, pricing is guaranteed based on items and moving conditions provided.. We allow all movers to manually review each booked job before accepting it.

Do you guarantee against damages?

Not yet. Our initial goal is to try and solve the the main issue with moving which is pricing. Once we complete that goal we will focus on solving issues regarding damages.

Can I add/remove items after booking?

Yes you can! After the job is booked, we lock all your rates. This means that if you add or remove items, it will be calculated by your original pricing factors, even if pricing has been changed by the mover. The are exceptions to this rule, for example, if you suddenly require another truck.

Do you have an app?

Yes, MooVooZ Snap N Move. Just snap picture of what you’re moving.

I’m a mover, how do I signup?

Visit our movers page and add start entering your pricing. If you want to become one of our instant movers, we just ask you to promise one thing. Once you confirm move, don’t change the price! (unless there are more/less items)

What are the boxes in the inventory list?

The boxes in the inventory list are your own boxes that you’ve packed. i.e: you packed electronics in your boxes.

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