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Contact/Lead Form Opens
Contact/Lead Form OpensJust like your regular form
User Fills Info
User Fills InfoYou get the lead immediately to your email
User Recieves Quote
User Recieves QuoteCan book online or by phone

What is MooVooZ Widget?

MooVooZ would like to offer your company the chance to book more customers. With MooVooZ Widget, your customers will be able to receive fixed or hourly rate quotes instantly and book online through your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our widget is revolutionizing the way people book and plan their move. This technology can only benefit your company. So what are you waiting for, sign up today!

Our Widget On Your Site is The Best and Most Affordable Online Salesmen.

You Have Complete Control of All Pricing Aspects.

Easy Installation – Works With all Websites

Supports Both Local & Long Distance

Your Pricing – Our System

We have thought of every pricing factor that can affect the price of the move. Using the pricing YOU SET UP, we can calculate the fixed price or hourly rate of the job, offer it to the customer and allow them to book online.

Pricing Factors

Volume, Move Distance, Stairs, Elevator, Long Carry, Distance From Your Warehouse, Packing, Storage, Insurance, Supports for All Local/Long Distance Tariffs.

What Does the Customer Do?

MooVooZ Widget is an easy-to-use system. Customers simply add their list of items to our virtual truck with an user friendly graphic interface. The customer will also enter every factor that could affect the price, from the basic volume and distance of the move to more advanced factors such as stairs, elevator, disassemble, special wrapping and more. Once all the factors are in, the customer will receive a fixed price/hourly rate for the move. If any of the details change, the customer can input the new information and receive an instant revised quote.

  • Standard
    $299/ mo
    • Unlimited Leads
    • 10 Free Bookings
    • $20 Per Booking
    • API To Moving Software
    • Form Customization
  • Business
    $499/ mo
    • Unlimited Leads
    • 20 Free Bookings
    • 20$ Per Booking
    • API To Moving Software
    • Form Customization
    • Free Subscription To Your Mobile App

* One time installation fee of $499-$599, depending on site.


The most advanced yet simple moving calculator ever.

Complete Booking & Pricing Solution

With MooVooZ Widget, you get much more than an online booking platform.

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Make Money for Referring Jobs

Can’t do a job because you are too busy or it is not in your area? No problem! We will find movers who are available, and your company will receive commission on the referral. With Moovooz Widget, you can make money for jobs you would not have been able to do anyway!

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Modernize Your Website

With Moovooz Widget, modernize your website to become more user-friendly and accessible. In our increasingly internet-run society, it is crucial that your website reflects the cutting edge of technology. Generally, customers browsing online will more readily trust a company with an up-to-date and easy-to-use website. Modernize your website with the Moovooz Widget today!

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Fully Customizable

Your site can look exactly as you want it to look! Moovooz Widget can be integrated into the structure of your site, in which ever way you choose. We have many options of adjusting our system to your site so don’t worry about having to change anything that you don’t want to. We will work with you to produce the look you want for your website.

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